Ignudi Stiletti


Latex, Acrylic, Paint Marker on Gypsum

RAW Canvas 2015 Summer Party
12' 8" × 7' 8", 6' 9" × 7' 8"

Every year, RAW Design hosts an industry party catering to the design and development professionals in the city. In 2015, the party’s theme was ‘Canvas’, showcasing the talents of local artists and designers. Invited to create a piece for the party, I decided to create a piece continuing my explorations in deconstructing ideas about gender and identity. Titled Ignudi Stiletti, it depicts a number of nude male figures socialising and lounging whilst wearing stilettos. Drawing motifs from Ancient Roman murals and fashion illustration, this piece balances between homoerotic imagery and poised glamour. Ignudi Stiletti is a spiritual successor to the Floral Series.

© Dennis Tang 2017