Theatrical Production

University Of Waterloo

As a former tradition of the University Of Waterloo School Of Architecture, it was compulsory for every second year class to script, compose, design, build, and perform in a theatrical production encompassing a particular narrative embedded in history. For the 2011 edition of the school’s summer production, the theme was the Iliad: Siege of Troy.

The production intertwined three narratives. The story of Homer writing the Odyssey, the story of the fall of Achilles, and the story of Heinrich Schliemann, a Victorian archaeologist focussed on uncovering the fallen city of Troy in the heart of Turkey.

The development of the production lasted a total of two and a half months, all executed within a span of six weeks. In this class production, I played the first supporting lead, Calvert, Schliemann's helpful yet skeptical right-hand man, simultaneously co-heading a costuming and prop department.

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