The Art of Sport

RAW Design Inc.

Interactive structures illustrating the glory and ingenuity of sportsmanship.

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Fitness Follies for the ParaPanAm Games in Mississauga.
Project Team: Aaron Hendershott, Pierre-Alexandre Le Lay, Matt Lawson, Dennis Tang
Photos by Vakis Photos.

The project was a call for proposal from the City of Mississauga’s Culture, Recreation and Parks & Forestry department to create temporary public art installations as a part of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am & Para Pan Am Games. As a part of a team with fellow coworkers from RAW Design, my role in the project assisted in the conception of the designs, especially the statuettes known as ‘Synchronity’.

The site provided was Lakeside Park in Mississauga. The city chose a number of appropriate areas to place these follies, in proximity to the main stage for the opening ceremony of the Para Pan Am games.

The design resulted in three separate interactive statuettes: ‘Velocity’, ‘Coliseum’, and ‘Synchronity’. The three follies intended to celebrate the ingenuity and collectiveness of true sportsmanship.

Velocity was a wood-framed structure sheathed with bent plywood. Its appearance is to visualise the increase in speed from a set of runners. The result was a wave depicting ‘velocity’. Inspiration for the striping of the statuette came from the differing lanes of a running track, with the extensions of each lane terminating at differing points.

The second sculpture was titled Coliseum. An arrangement of posts placed in a concentric pattern of differing heights. Sections of grounded telephone poles were the building material, painted in its bright colours to create a sense of playfulness in the design. The varying heights, along with its organisation, created the togetherness of achievement in sport. The collective successes of each athlete are a celebration of our community.

Synchronity was the third sculpture and placed the closest to the main stage of the Para Pan Am games. Inspired by the synchronisation of Tai Chi exercises, the result of the folly was a series of figure-like statues placed in a grid. At varying heights, this interlocked-telephone pole art piece encourage many people, children and adults alike, to climb its limbic extensions.

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