80 Lights

Competition Entry

80 Lights Student Competition FIRST RUNNER UP
One of Yorkville’s central towers wears a glimmering overcoat for a new look
Team Members: Aidan Mitchelmore, Dennis Tang

In the midst of one of the busiest intersections in Toronto, 80 Bloor Street West is an aging Miesian tower calling for a new identity. The competition brief required submissions to improve the technical performance of the building, creating a sustainable environment. Combined with the intention to increase its value and frontage, each proposal must also promote excellence and creativity within the city of Toronto.

Our design sought to create a veil glimmering over the outermost skin of the architecture. With a vented skin system, the design takes advantage of its southern exposure to harness its solar heat gain as a passive strategy. Fritting would provide further opacity among each of the panes, thus creating shading devices along the glimmering surface, when the heat gain becomes too great for the tenants inside.

Utilising coloured LED lights; the programmable façade would illuminate come nightfall and shift in colours as the seasons changed for different festivities and events over the year.

Our proposal placed Second overall, and was best in show; our colourful take on architectural design stood out within the crowd. However, the competition was a revelation regarding the economics of design, and created a better understanding of the balance between cost and design within the profession.

80 Lights hoped to create an effective skin without obstructing the quality of life to those working inside the tower. The decision to frit a small amount of panels in the system meant the views would remain largely unobstructed. The exterior would glimmer in the daytime, resulting in an unmistakably striking member of the Yorkville streetscape.

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