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Twinkling prisms radiating in the winter night

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2014 Luminothérapie Competition WINNER
Project Team: Aaron Hendershott, Pierre-Alexandre Le Lay, Matt Lawson, Dennis Tang
Photos by James Brittain

The Luminothérapie is a Montreal-based competition inviting artists and designers to create an enhanced artistic experience in the midst of the Quartier des Spectacles. Set in Place des Festivals, the installation include both a visual and audio component to the proposal. Prismatica is an immersive installation comprising of fifty rotating prisms. The prisms, lined with a colourful chromatic film, transform the piazza into a glimmering ice palace. My role in the project included design development, visualisation, and testing.

Place des Festivals is a public square in the midst of downtown Montréal between Boulevard de Maisonneuve and Rue Sainte-Catherine. Prismatica’s fifty rotating prisms spread across the entire site, creating a kaleidoscopic experience at every turn of the plaza.

Each prism is an aluminum frame clad with Plexiglas. Frames fitted onto a central axis allow each prism to pivot freely and smoothly. To create the kaleidoscopic and prismatic appearance, 3M Dichroic paper lined each pane of Plexiglas. The installation of wind chimes in the midst of these structures ties the experience together, creating a howling and magical twinkling in the midst of the cold, Montréal winter.

The installation stayed up for the duration of the 2014 Quartier des Spectacles festival. Recently, the project has shown on Parliament Hill at the Georgetown GLOW in D.C.

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