A little about me…

I was born in Hong Kong in 1991 and moved to Toronto in 1997. Having moved to various locations across the Greater Toronto Area during my childhood, I grew literate of architectural representation and spatial awareness at an early age.

Despite my sensitivity, I always expressed creativity and imagination during my youth. With encouragement from my family, I studied classical piano for over a decade, a pass time I continue to pursue today. In my former youth, I enrolled in arts programs where I began to discover my self-identity, and honing my craft as a fine artist. During these years, I began to foster a taste for visual arts, musical theatre, acting, singing, amongst various artistic disciplines.

I consider myself an atypical player of the ‘architecture’ stereotype. Drawing inspiration from all aspects of our world, I see inspiration and approaches to design in unexpected places. Architecture is culturally and historically embedded, and I believe the greatest works resonate beyond the community of our profession.

Enjoy your stay, and please peruse through my work. Feel free to contact me at any time, HERE.

© Dennis Tang 2017